Progressive HTML Rendering

Progressive HTML rendering is a technique to improve the performance of websites that involves sending an HTTP response for an HTML page in multiple flushes. This improves both the actual load time, as well as the perceived load time.

Talks & Videos

Marko & NodeJS: STREAMING, ASYNC AND UI COMPONENTS! OH MY! A Talk by Patrick Steele-Idem at NodeSummit, San Francisco.

201727 mins

Building the UI - a comparison of React, Vue, and Marko - A Talk by Patrick Steele-Idem at Node.js Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins.

201772 mins

Progressive Rendering – how to make your app render sooner - Talk by Denis Rechkunov at JSConf Iceland.

201625 mins

Progressive Rendering: Improve Performance on Slower Networks - Dinesh Pandiyan | JSConf Hawaii.

202022 mins

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